View Full Version : Boredom struck, oh wait, my dremel is close by.

10-03-2007, 7:10 AM
So, a week or so ago I got bored at about two o'clock in the morning and my dremel, Glock 19 and spare time were all I had. So, I put on a movie, sat down with some coke (Cola :D) and went to work. I still have to put a slight texture to it with sand paper to look factory finish, but the shape is done. All in all, it took about 2 hours, it was a good movie so I kept stopping to watch it, but I still finished before the movie was over. Ronin, in case you are wondering, probably seen it twenty times, but who's countin.

Anyways, I removed the finger grooves and reshaped the trigger guard. Yes, I know a lot of people won't like it, but hey, that's why this one is mine, and yours is yours. I did this for me:p But I know there are others that might be interested in doing something similar so heres an example of what a little patience and good movie can do. Any little scratches you see on the trigger guard, etc. are from holster wear and range time, though I could buff them out, who knows, I'm not that vain.

Just waiting for my smooth trigger to come, and I'm almost done.


10-03-2007, 8:11 AM
I clicked on this thread and held my hands over my eyes for fear of what I would see. Generally when a non-gunsmith mixes dremels and guns it is not a pretty site. You, my friend, did an excellent job. Kudos to you.

10-03-2007, 8:28 AM
I was expecting exactly was 50ae said; but that looks pretty good actually.

10-03-2007, 9:22 AM
"a decent job. rounded the trigger guard alittle too much, but all in all its not bad.

p.s. why did you cover the serial of your glock?"

Paranoid, yeah that's it, I'm paranoid. Honestly, I don't like any personal info given away, no matter how small, but that's just me.

10-03-2007, 9:26 AM
Paranoid, yeah that's it, I'm paranoid. Honestly, I don't like any personal info given away, no matter how small, but that's just me.

+1, same here - you're not alone. The internet does not need my license plate #'s, gun serial #'s, my home address or anything else. You wanna know something about me, call/email and ask. :)

10-03-2007, 12:39 PM
That looks very nice.

The only suggestion i have is that you should have taken before and after pics, so people like me who are not knowledgeable about glocks are able to tell the difference and see the work you did. Good job!

10-04-2007, 3:01 AM
Looks pretty nice.
How does it fit in your hand now?
Do you have smaller or larger hands?
Must be kinda ala 1st generation feel sorta...

10-04-2007, 7:17 AM
Yeah, I have smallish hands:( but I make do:D. It fits my hand perfectly and has a, for lack of a better word, "pleasant" feel to it that is just right.

10-04-2007, 9:09 AM
Nice job. Looks good.

From what I can see of the pix, I don't think any "Glock de-horning" gunsmith coulda done much better.

Grip finger grooves suck because they are, by design, "one size fits all". To me, they're at best mildly irritating even when appropriately sized/spaced. Wish Glock would get rid of 'em.

10-04-2007, 9:31 AM
Damn, that almost looks factory. Nice work.

10-04-2007, 10:23 AM
Impressive. Very nice. I hate the stupid finger grooves on the Glocks too.

Pvt. Cowboy
10-04-2007, 12:12 PM
Way better than I expected. I thought the pics were 'before' pics and I was gonna scroll down to a massacre.

If Glock owners don't like the finger grooves, why did Glock change from the original design in the first place? I have a 17 and 19 from about 1988 that are bone stock and have never had any of the Glock recall upgrades done to them.

I wonder if I should even send them in for the recall upgrades at this point.

10-04-2007, 1:20 PM
No Before pic needed for me. IMO stock Glocks are U-G-L-Y. But yours looks... nice. Amazing how smoothing that out makes such a difference. I might... actually.. buy one. And a Dremel.

Nice job!

10-04-2007, 1:52 PM
I guess I'm the only one that loves the feel of the new finger grooves....especially with the glockworks epoxy grip

10-04-2007, 11:16 PM
TIP FOR GLOCK DREMELING: Ive done this for some customers who asked me to, if you want a nice texture on you shaved parts, grab a square of sandpaper and lightly tap with a hammer to give you a nice pebbled texture that closely matches the glock factory one.