View Full Version : Tasco Titan

10-02-2007, 7:53 PM
I picked up a Japanese made Tasco Titan, 30mm tube, 1.5 to 6X scope for use on my Springfield M1A Loaded. Looks quite at home & sits nice & low in a Sadlak mount. My only gripe is that as the power is turned up the reticle thickness increases and covers much of the target - I understand this is due to some "first plane" or "second plane" placing of the reticle.

In addition to the down & up, left & right printing on the turrets, there is an "O" on the top and an "M" on the side turret and I'm thinking (hoping) this has something to do with the reticle. Is there anything on the scope that can be adjusted to keep the reticle at the same, thinner setting or am I stuck with spaghetti a thick reticle @ 6X?