View Full Version : Got my order a few days ago. I'm unamused

02-20-2013, 7:24 AM
I finally got my order for my Troy Battle axe stock yesterday and it looks like this thing has been used already. There are blemishes all over the stock that does not wipe off which left be a little pissed because I paid for a NEW stock not a used one. Along with this order, I also ordered 2 bullet buttons and only received 1. I have another order for 2 LPK w/o fire control group that is supposed to be delivered today, I hope everythings in there :(. I used their "contact information" form on their website but have not received a reply yet and it's only been a day. I'm going to send an email to customer service just in case that one didn't get through.

I just realized that what I thought was a bullet button is in fact a regular magazine release so I am actually missing 2 bullet buttons and was sent 1 regular magazine release button by mistake.