View Full Version : ak-47 mag lock bullet button kit

10-01-2007, 1:32 PM
If i have an AK MAG Lock 'Bullet Button' Kit on the ak-47 does this mean i can have a pistol grip?

Here's the site where they sell them for those of you who aren't aware, i just found it yesterday.


Oh and whoever the Mod is can delete this I'm a newb and i accidentally posted this in this section, thanks.

10-01-2007, 5:52 PM
According to the wording of California state law, a properly installed bullet button kit is a fixed magazine. A fixed magazine rifle may have a pistol grip. Of course, read the AR/AK FAQ for more complete details on what other things you may or may not have to do in order to be legal... but the answer to your question, in the absence of other issues, is yes.