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09-29-2007, 5:36 AM
Check us out for the new uppers & rifles we have for the precision & combat shooter in all of us:

METROSHOT SPR MK12 MOD1 complete rifles & upper build services:

Metroshot LLC is moving out of the commercial AR upper business and going into the SPR or Special Purpose Rifle uppers built for the precision AR15 shooter for long range and combat use.

DETAILS of these builds:

Metroshot SPR MK12 MOD1
Are you done buying and collecting "commercial grade" M4's? Want something different? Want something SERIOUS? Enter the SPR MK12 MOD1. This platform was the brainchild of CRANE Division (part of the Naval Surface Warfare Center) to serve in the light sniper/designated marksman role. It was in service during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom by SOCOM groups such as NAVSPECWAR and U.S. Army Rangers.

Our iteration of this platform takes the CRANE's base idea and improves upon it with parts that were not available during its initial design. We start off with best forged upper on the market, a real-deal Colt M4 upper just like the originals. Next, we mate it up with original CRANE spec'd barrel manufacturer...DOUGLAS. Our barrel is a custom cut from a Douglas Premium Air Gauged Stainless Steel match blank. We have it custom contoured into a "medium" weight to cut down on unnecessary and excessive weight while still retaining all the qualities of a ridged match barrel. Rifle length gas system for a more mild recoil. Twist rate is1 in 7 to handle heavier bullets (like the MK262) and it's outfitted with a Wylde Chamber so it will work with both 5.56 rounds and .223 (ammunition specs & pressures differ).

In the effort to shave a more weight off the platform, we then add a Daniel Defense 12.0 LITE rail which is not only the lightest weight rail in it's class, is considered by many to be the best free-floating rail system on the market. It has a superior mounting system that allows the barrel to be torqued at a consistent rate. As a note, Daniel Defense won the Government contract to supply the SOPMOD Block 2 rail system over both KAC and ARMS.

Other high quality parts include a LMT Bolt Carrier Group (fully tested HPT, MPI, shot-peened, properly staked), LMT Charging Handle with a PRI Big Latch, OPS, Inc. MK12 muzzle brake and alignment collar, a VLTOR gas block, KAC rail panels and Troy flip-up BUIS (back up iron sights). You're not going to find any "commercial grade" parts on this upper. The upper is built to spec as they are built one by one for us.

Due to the cost, this upper isn't for everyone but for people who want a great precision AR platform that is still able to handle combat situations, the SPR platform is the cream of the crop. We will initially only build FOUR of these units (actually five but one is already pre-sold).
$1800 complete upper assy. $2500 for the complete rifle. Less bipod, scope, DROS & tax.