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02-12-2013, 9:10 PM
today I finally picked up my first ever Mosin for my son and I to shoot.
seeing as how its my first ever Mosin, i figured i'd tap into the wealth of knowledge you guys have.

1-any special tips on cleaning/disassembly?

2-any DOs and DONTS in regards to cleaners, oils, grease?

3-in regards to the 7.62x54r ammo, I was hopping someone could explain to me the difference in the 'corrosive' and non-corrosive ammo available and what i shouldnt be running in case it can cause damage to the barrel.

4-my son will be target shooting with it, but eventually it may be his first hunting rifle, so also curious as to what ammo he should use for hunting.

5-any easy tips on sighting it in with the iron sights?

6-any other tips or DOs and DONTs? (i.e. dry-firing it, etc)

sorry for the noob q's, just hoping someone will chime in with some helpful advice.
thanks in advance.

02-12-2013, 9:21 PM
I'm new to them too so bear with me, I'll give it my best ... wait for it ... shot. ;)

1) Disassembly is pretty easy, just the barrel bands and a few screws. To remove the bolt simply pull it back/open and pull the trigger and it will slide out. I haven't taken my bolt completely apart yet, but if your rifle was covered in cosmo gunk when you got it I'd suggest doing so.

2) I've had good luck with Hoppe's No. 9, if you use corrosive ammo you'll need to use something with ammonia in it to clean the inside of the rifle, just make sure you do that and then use the Hoppe's.

3) Corrosive is just what it sounds like. The primers they used in the older ammo will eventually eat through the bluing in the barrel and other components. I try to stick to Boxer primed non-corrosive so that I can reload, but nothing beats cheap ammo. Just make sure you clean the gun ASAP after shooting if you use it.

4) Soft tip, from what I've read. I've only ever killed paper with mine.

5) Start at 50 yards and move from there. Some guns need more help getting accurate than others, some people will use cork to free float the barrel, others like to use a washer and a spring to make a dual stage trigger. My rifle (like MANY others) has a slightly bent front sight. There is a guy out there that makes some really nice sights for them on XDTalk (he might be here too, I'm not sure).

6) I wouldn't suggest dry firing anything, even revolvers and bolt actions, but that's just me. I've heard not to support the stock much past the thicker part of the stock as the barrel is pretty pressure sensitive. Go to sgammo.com and buy at least a case of the training ammo. There is about as much recoil as my 5.56 AR which make this thing fun to shoot all day long no matter the shooter. [EDIT] It seems sgammo.com might be out of stock, I don't see it listed any more, which is a bummer.


02-12-2013, 9:41 PM
With regards to corrosive ammo, it only takes a couple of extra minutes of cleaning. The potassium chlorate used in corrosive primers is the culprit. These salts are deposited in the bore and possibly the bolt face when fired. It's real easy to clean, you only need water. Many people like to use Windex but it's the water in there that does the actual cleaning. Salt dissolves in water. That's the important thing to remember. You can run a few patches soaked in Windex at the range followed by some WD40 to displace the water until you get home for a proper cleaning. Another alternative is to pour boiling water down the bore. The hot water will dissolve the salts and the heat will dry the bore quicker. I personally use a mixture of water and Ballistol to clean my Mosins and don't have a speck of rust. Run a few patches thru the bore, clean the bolt face and then follow with your normal cleaning. If you shoot with your bayonet attached, wipe it down with the same solution followed by an oiling and you'll be good to go. Nothing to fear when shooting corrosive ammo, it just needs a few minutes of extra cleaning.
For you son using the Mosin for hunting, just get some commercial SP ammo.

Vlad 11
02-12-2013, 9:52 PM
if you use corrosive ammo you'll need to use something with ammonia in it to clean the inside of the rifle, just make sure you do that and then use the Hoppe's.

No No No

Lurch has it right, You need only use water to flush out any salts left by corrosive primers

02-12-2013, 9:54 PM
1. if this is a rifle that has been in cosmoline you should take it all the way apart (barreled reciever, stock, trigger guard/lower section, and take the bolt all the way apart(videos can be found on you tube of how to do this)) and obtain a gallon or two of mineral spirits and some cheap plastic tubs, a 3" piece of pvc pipe and an end cap just about as long as your barreled reciever to soak it in and start soaking the cosmo and scrubing. the stock is best dealt with by leaving it in the sun on a hot day and letting the cosmo sweat out. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE PROTRUSION OF THE FIRING PIN WITH THAT FUNKY TOOL THAT COMES WITH THE RIFLES!! if not you can possibly punch a primer, or have light strikes and a headache and not very much fun.

2. when done shooting for the day using corrosive ammo pour lots of water or windex or what have you down the barrel, give it a good scrub with a brass rod/ brush and send a patch down the pipe to dry it out (all of this is due to the salts in the corrosive ammo and makes cleaning at home alot easier, should take under 5 min at the range). and when i get home that night (dont wait too long on a thorough cleaning) i generally use hoppes elite bore gel for the bore due to typical copper fouling, and number 9 for the rest of my at home cleaning.

3. 99% of all surplus ammo you will find is going to be corrosive, this is the cheaper of the ammos and what you will probably want to buy in bulk due to its amazing price if you wanna have some worry free fun. non corrosive ammo is most of the new make ammo for 762x54r and is ALOT more expensive! (usually .50c a round as compared to around 20c/rd) it can be had at big 5 and some places online.

4. i would check the accuracy of this rifle before determining if it is suitable for hunting or not first, some are super winners, and some... arent very accurate at all. what ammo if it is a winner depends where you plan to hunt? condor zone, no lead projectiles. but for the most places you will need soft point ammo. lead free can be had online tho.

5. these rifles were generally initially sighted in with the bayonet extended and shooting without the bayo on will greatly affect your accuracy on the range. with all my MN's i usually start at 50-70yds with a 40"x40" piece of cardboard and go from there. most of mine have shot 1-2ft left of target from 100yds without bayo on and with the use of an ebay sight adjustment tool for the front this was fairly easy to correct. just make sure you are pushing the front sight the right way to correct the difference!

6. DO's:Buy lots of ammo, they are very fun rifles and un-openned spam cans dont really ever go bad. do clean your rifle every time after a range trip. do buy some of the 46gr training ammo to play around with, can be fun if the little cousins or what have you come out to the range. i would not segust dry firing any rifle

sorry if long winded.. hope this helps some!

02-12-2013, 9:58 PM
ammonia doesnt effect the salts, thats a myth.

02-12-2013, 10:11 PM
windex sure does take the place of using water if thats all thats in the trunk of your car at the time tho..
The Sam Wise patent #3,463,735: 4.0% isopropyl alcohol (a highly volatile solvent) 1% ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (a less volatile solvent), 0.1% sodium lauryl sulfate (a surfactant), 0.01% tetrasodium pyrophosphate (a water softener), 0.05% of 28% ammonia, 1% of a dye solution, and 0.01% perfume.

do the math, windex is mostly water anyways...
looking at that that might not be the most recent formula for windex or its knock off substitutes, but should be fairly close

02-12-2013, 10:12 PM
Good answers here but the reality is, just about everything you need to know about Mosins is at http://7.62x54r.net/

02-12-2013, 11:08 PM
I heard you clean a mosin with vodka and lube it with seal fat.

Or you can do what the people above said.

I found out the mineral spirits does work to take cosmolene off but for me, I bought a cheap handheld steamer from Walmart and that worked even better (for me).

Have fun.

02-12-2013, 11:40 PM
Ammo wise, I buy from SGAmmo. Corrosive is fine as long as you do a quick clean after you shoot. I havent had any problems. SG was putting up a hundred or so cases of ammo every week but I didn't see anything new this week. I'd buy a lot. A very fun gun. Just don't accidentally bayonet your ceiling like I did.

02-13-2013, 4:33 AM
When you disassemble, take care not to lose the trigger pin. When you get the receiver out, the first thing to do is to drift out the pin and put it in a small tray.