View Full Version : Looking for FFL near Solano County for out of State Private Transfer

02-08-2013, 12:49 PM

I just sold my SIG 556 w/ bullet button to another Calguns member who lives in Benicia. I am living in Southern Illinois and need to ship the rifle to an FFL near him (Between SF and Sacramento). I am looking for an FFL that will receive the rifle from a private party/non-FFL. -Also one that is not going to rape his wallet on excessive transfer fees. They seem to vary quite a bit out there on the West Coast.

I built a 7.62x39mm AR for my cousin in LA a few months ago and sent it directly to Straightline Tactical in Anaheim. They were very accommodating. I'm looking for the same helpful service up North.

Any input will be appreciated.



union thug
02-08-2013, 4:17 PM
The fees here are set by statute, in total the amount to $35 but it is never that simple, he needs a current HSC which the FFL will cheerfully provide for a fee if he does not have one and a current lock (a lock less than 30 days old). who the #$#%^ knows why a good older lick will not due but I suspect it is so the person doing the PPT can sell the buyer one.

I do not reccommend anyone in Vavaville. Triple A's in Vallejo is close.

02-08-2013, 5:22 PM
I thought the $35 fee mandate is only for PPT (both parties meeting at the store)? Since I'm here in Illinois, that won't be possible. I looked at the FFL finder on Gunbroker.com, and some of the Norcal area FFLs are charging an exorbitant amount for the transfer fee (10% of the firearm sale price plus tax). To put it in perspective, for my internet out of state firearm buys here in IL, my FFL guy only charges me $20 bucks total for the transfer and call to NICS. No tax either.

I understand that CA FFLs have to charge tax on non-gifted firearm transfers now, but charging a guy $200 bucks for the transfer plus about $160 in tax for receiving a $2000 firearm from out of state is straight robbery.

I miss the ocean and the natural beauty of California, but not the politics or BS like this.

Thanks for the response and info.


union thug
02-08-2013, 6:10 PM
I stayed up too late last night and missed the part about you being in Illinois, you are right.