View Full Version : WTB: M1 Garand Barrel 04/44

09-22-2007, 2:36 PM
Looking for a good condition 04/44 SA barrel to complete my 04/44 SA rebuild. Let me know if you have anything guys. (& gals.) E-mail or PM

09-22-2007, 7:24 PM
Could Always try the CMP with JUST ONE REQUEST on a lil' sticky note: they say they dont take requests...and they CANT do super specific ones like "I want a 1950 HRA with good wood and the cartouches still in tact, MW less than 1 and TE less than 2 in a rack grade please....":chris:

BUT, but they do try to honor simple requests.... FInd the serial range you want and say Pretty please and you just might getts it. And the rest of the gun to boot!!!

But pray tell:confused: WHy 4/44???????????