View Full Version : NEED Advice: Ruger Mk II (w/Extras) $375. Good price?

09-18-2007, 9:27 PM
Hello, I recently saw a used Ruger Mk II (Stainless steel finish, 6.875" slab bull barrel, scope mount + Pro Point scope, after-market wood, checkered target grips) for $375 and I'm wondering if this is a fair price.

It looks a lot like this one:


The pistol looks well-used but not abused. It's clearly not "new" but that doesn't bother me.

The Pro Point scope looks like a low-end item and has seen better days. The standard Ruger sights do not appear to be included.

This will be a pistol for range shooting and skills-building with the wife.

I can afford the price, but I don't want to learn, later down the road, that I got ripped.

Any advice? Any points/nuance I should pay special attention to when deciding whether I should purchase this pistol?