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09-18-2007, 5:07 AM
Subject: PLEASE CALL THE GOV! and pass this on!

Please take the time to call the gov and vote your
What is the bill about:
-starting with 2009 all firearms sold in California
will be required to be fitted with a firing pin that
imprints the serial number of the gun on the ammo

Why it is bad:
-Any criminal with an I.Q. over a 50, which there are
a couple, is gonna know to take a file to erase the
microstamping grooves on the damn firing pin. The
honest citizen will just have the cost of production
passed on to him.
-Any criminal with and I.Q. under 50 which there are
scores, is gonna use a revolver, not a pistol to
commit a crime. Revolvers do not eject spent casings,
they remain inside the revolver cylinder.
-If you have a criminal that is really smart (and
there are plenty) he would go at any public shooting
range and collect a few spent shells from the range
floor then drop them at the crime scene. Imagine your
surprise when the cops will knock on your door if one
or more of the spent shells are yours.

Help stop California Democrats like Dianne Feinstein
and Nancy Pelosi eroding our Constitutional rights.
They don't want to make us safer; they want better
control over all of us, over our lives and liberties

Call Arnold, RIGHT NOW, it takes 20 seconds and you
don't have to talk to anyone

Again: Call right now! You don't have to speak to
anyone. This takes 20 seconds.

CALL Gov's Sac number (916-445-2841)

Press 1 - for English
Press 2 - for Voice your opinion on Assembly Bills
Press 1 - for Micro Stamping Bill (AB1471)
Press 2 to OPPOSE the gun control bill.

That's it! I repeat, you do not need to speak to

Technical Ted
09-18-2007, 5:14 AM
It's a sticky:
It's two stickies:
It's a third sticky that's a contest with a very nice prize: