View Full Version : I had a suggestion on how to improve the Magpul PRS, this is my e-mail

09-17-2007, 5:34 PM
So I just send an e-mail to Magpul detailing what I love about the stock along with a suggestion on how to improve it. What do you guys think?

Dear Magpul,

As a frequent hunter and target shooter I just wanted to let you guys know that you are truly doing the right stuff with your products. Since Magpul was founded, your company has produced a wide array of very functional accessories that are quite aesthetically pleasing. I write this email with a suggestion on how to better improve the PRS stock as well as the details I love about it.

My primary reason for purchasing the stock was the sheer aggressive look it gave my precision AR. One of my favorite rifles, the PGS-1, totes a stock that looks amazingly similar and I wanted to build an AR that gave the same mean look as the PSG-1. My secondary reason in buying the stock is that I really enjoy the comfort of constant and adjustable cheek welds. Your firm is clearly aware that people have different facial structures and that scopes are mounted at variable heights. Rarely, in my opinion, does a fixed cheek rest ever match the shooters face and scope height correctly. Having an adjustable cheek rest makes this stock worth its weight in gold.

My only gripe about the stock is the length of pull adjustment. When fully extended, the stock is practically the same length as an A2 stock. For myself, and a few of my companions, this length is not quite adequate for comfort or scope eye relief. What I'm suggesting is that you design a stock extension that will slip over the end butt-plate but also secures in place though the screw hole near the top of the butt-plate. Such an extension could be easily manufactured from the same composite material that the stock itself is made of and in a variety of lengths

Thanks for producing such high quality products! I hope that I see an extension of this nature offered soon!


-Clark Churchill

Technical Ted
09-17-2007, 5:38 PM
They do offer 0.5" extended buttpads for their FAL and G3 PRS stocks. They could be in the process of developing an AR version.

ETA: IIRC Magpul decided that there were other options that provided greater length than the A2 and decided they wanted to serve the market that wanted something in between the A1 and A2