View Full Version : 1st time PSA customer couldn't be happier...

02-01-2013, 10:05 AM
Top notch parts and service with my 1st PSA experience. Here's a legit breakdown. On Jan 8 I ordered one of the PSA Premium M4 SS12G2 barrelled uppers and their Premium Classic LBK via their website. It said they were IN STOCK. I knew that everyone was jammed up and it stated clearly on their site that even for 'in stock' orders there would be a minimum 15 day lead for shipping. Well, on Jan 23rd I got a UPS tracking info notice and on Jan. 29th my Upper and the build kit all showed up. Super stoked.

Like a kid on Xmas I open the box and start my inspection/ inventory of the order. All the parts look fantastic. The upper is slightly oiled, the buffer tube is clean and scratch free. Only thing is, I notice that there is no buffer spring and the 3 2" rail sections for the handgaurd are missing. Eh, kind of a buzzkill because I wanted to build this weekend but ish happens. I shot them an email to express my concern for the missing product and got an auto reply that said due to current volume there may be a 4 day lead on return emails. Understandable, I suppose. I also emailed them a photo of the contents of the box upon my opening. The next morning I call PSA hoping maybe someone will sympathize with my weekend build dreams. I get in touch with Megan who says "No problem. We will get your spring and the rail sections out the door ASAP." Awesome! That was good enough for me. I know they are slammed. Then today I get an email from Adam in CS saying "I am sending your spring and I see from your photo that you are missing the rail sections. I will send those too".

Now, I know everyone has their own experiences both good and bad but becasue people are always more likely to broadcast bad experiences than good ones I wanted to make sure that I put this out there. These guys and gals nailed the customer service dead on the head and PSA as whole did exactly what they said they would and in the time they said they would and delivered a beautiful product. Mad props to PSA. I shall return again and again.