View Full Version : will trade bear location for a confirmed deer hot spot

09-13-2007, 9:09 AM
I was out looking for venison yesterday in the A-zone when i saw a horse in a field...except it wasn't a horse it was a huge black bear. I've made my peace with bears after years of problems in the backcountry of National Parks, so it lived to see another day. only saw does all day so since i was bored and it was the middle of the day and unlikely to see any deer moving I stalked the bear to within 75 yards in an open field. it had a great coat, light brown, and in very good shape. I can't say exactly how big it was 300 lbs? but it was easily bigger than all of the kill pictures in the DFG Big Game Hunting Digest.

so if you have already taken your a-zone monster buck and know where more are PM me for an exchange. confirmed sightings only, no "this ESPN article on the web says that xxx is a great buck area".

I'm new to hunting so tips on tactics would also be helpful - i'm not the "blast a deer from my truck window" kind, I prefer hike-in areas that are off the roads, a 10-12 mile cross country round trip is about my limit for a day trip.