View Full Version : Reloading Supplies and SAIGAs at Irvington Arms

09-12-2007, 7:24 PM
A few updates for Bay Area Reloaders:

We've signed on with Bear Creek to stock Moly Bullets. ETA 2 weeks. Trying to put together a "want list" from y'all for types of bullets you'd buy. So far looks like: .40 180gr, .45 200&230gr and some .38/.357s. Any requests?

We are offically a Dillon Dealer. Prices are those found in the Blue Press catalog or online as out the door (tax included). We've got a 550 press, tumbler and some dies/conversion kits in-stock and will continue to special order for the near future. There is also a 1050 and SDB setup in the shop should you want to see/learn about reloading, etc.

We've also signed on as a Montana Gold Bullet Distributor. Currently prices are $2.50 below the 8 Case price, except .22 55gr. No minimum purchase, taking orders for delivery the first week of October now.

SAIGAs are back in stock! .223, 7.62, .308 and the 30-06 offerings available. Come get yours today!

09-13-2007, 7:56 PM
.308 BTSP, 168gr or heavier.
BRASS... at something less than 20c per would be nice....
CCI large rifle 200 primers