View Full Version : Expired WMD 40mm Filters

01-26-2013, 8:16 PM
Ok I have about 40 expired 40mm WMD filters. They expired in 2007 and my place of business is getting rid of them. I don't want them to go to waste, but don't want my life depended on an expired filter.

Any interested in some? Trade??


In San Jose

01-26-2013, 8:16 PM
I am keeping a few though.

01-29-2013, 11:44 PM
Nice, keep them cool and dry and they'll last awhile.

01-30-2013, 6:21 AM
If they are not the asbestos-type of filter, I assume if they are sealed, they might be good for a while longer...

01-30-2013, 7:06 AM
If kept dry and sealed they will last a very long time. Biggest thing is keeping them sealed... If they get air into the filter, it seriously diminishes the ability of the charcoal of other media to work correctly.