View Full Version : Spike Lowers (Zombie) and Magpul magazines in stock

01-26-2013, 6:29 AM
On Friday, the 1st, Feb, we will have our first small shipment of Spike Lowers (Zombie).

Only 10 are arriving, and it will be first come first served,at our store starting at 10 AM. (Remember, the 1st!)

Also, on Friday the 1st, we will have almost a 100 magazines (Magpul, gen 2), 10/30 and 10/20's in stock as well. We have a few Colt new manufacture as well. We are limiting to three per person so they will last more then the first 3 seconds..lol.

We will have regular shipments coming in now on the lowers, so I will keep updating this post as we get more.

Spike lowers will be $199 and the Magpul magazines are $29.99 rivet blocked.

No phone orders or "holds" please, due to demand, its store only and first come first....

02-01-2013, 4:01 PM
All sold out! More to come in 7-10 days, ill keep everyone advised!