View Full Version : 24x7Kits is open to bartering

01-24-2013, 6:34 AM
Hello fellow preppers! In my short time as a member and vendor here on CG I have come across a number of folks looking to barter what they have (mags, ammo, etc.) for my products. I just wanted to let this forum know that I am very much open to bartering. In fact, it's a skill we may need in a survival situation. I am not currently/actively seeking anything. However, don't let that stop you from offering a trade. Keep in mind that all of my products drop ship from my warehouses out of state. So the transaction will take a few days. Take a look at my website. I have a lot of great products for the beginner prepper as well as the seasoned pros. A little reminder...all of the Wise Food kits come with FREE shipping!

Happy Prepping!