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09-06-2007, 2:30 PM
I want to get an "inexpensive" Scope or Red Dot (Not Cheap) for my SKS
By inexpensive i mean something less then half the price of my SKS. So something under $100
I don't need anything fancy or super powerful. Somthing up to 3 or 4 power
I kind of want to get the scout scope mount, so probably a Red dot, reflex, or long eye relief. Or maybe a compact scope that can fit on the Choate scope mount and still allow Stripper clips to be fed in from the top.

I found Braska's, NcStar, and BSA's to be the lowest, But I also read bad reviews on all. I know, I know, You get what you pay for. And I know It's a SKS not a sniper rifle.... But my vision is so bad I need help at 100 yards

I don't need to hit anything beyond 100 seems how the SKS isn't really a 100yarder anyways.

I'm leaning more towards the Red Dots now, mostly because of the Scout Scope mount.

So what's my best option for under $100


09-06-2007, 8:58 PM
So here's the scope mount I am thinking...


I like the way this Red Dot looks...
Barska 1x50 Red Dot Sight
But it just seems wierd to put a $30 Sight on a $50 mount...LOL

I kinda like this one too
Leatherwood 1x50 Red Dot Scope
But it's kinda at the top of the price range of what I'm looking for...

I'll stop with this third option...
Tasco 1x30 Solar Cell Red Dot 38mm Sight

Any ideas? Anyone?
Thoughts on Pistol Scopes?


09-11-2007, 3:45 PM
It's not easy to get decent optics for under $100. Some people have good luck with cheap red dots, but magnified optics are a losing proposition in that price range.

I like the Ultradot 25 and 30 series, and they have a great reputation with the bullseye crowd, but they're target scopes, not "tactical", and they start at $125. You can find them used for well under $100, but you have to keep an eye out.

The 1337tactical aimpoint lookalikes are $70 with mount, and have a decent reputation for Chinese gear. I've got one on a .22 AR and it's been fine so far.

Other people buy $30 BSA red dots and figure they can have 4 of them break down by the time they've paid for an ultradot, and send them back for warranty repair as they break to keep them coming. Of course, you still don't have a good scope...

Personally, I'd save a bit more for a better scope or red dot. I've got several inexpensive rifles with scopes that cost as much or more than the rifle on them. Barring that, I'd get the aimpoint lookalike in a low mount.

For a magnified optic, you'll need to go up to $150 or more to get decent quality, and I'm not sure there are any good pistol or scout scopes in that range, as they're less popular.

09-25-2007, 7:56 PM
if you don't mind drilling your receiver go for a POSP rail. Then you can get a POSP and a KOBRA, that way you will have a red dot and a scope that are zeroed as soon as you mount them! Gotta love it. Only thing is your budget needs to triple ;)