View Full Version : Back from my 1st fly fishing trip

09-04-2007, 8:49 AM
Well I am back from my first fly-fishing trip. We got to the upper Owens at around 7 in the morning. I noticed when we got there that I had forgotten the camera. So we started off south of the bridge just north of Crowley it was slow there with nothing coming up on flies. We decided to head north of the bridge, this was a good idea. My buddy and I ended up only catching 2 stockers each on elk hair caddis, man that was fun. Each of the stockers that we caught ranged from 10-12”. It pretty much slowed down after that. We continued to fish there until around 15:00 then we decided to head back down to where we were staying. On the way we decided to stop off at Tinemaha. We fished the outflow there with success. We each caught various large mouth bass and green sunfish. I did notice that these fish put up a much bigger fight than the stocker rainbows that we had caught earlier. The next morning we decided to start the day off back at the upper Owens however we started off north of the bridge past the first gate. I caught 1 12” stocker rainbow off of a mosquito and nothing else came up. My buddy on the other hand caught over 20 stockers but he wasn’t using his fly rod. We then decided to go to rock creek; we didn’t catch anything out of there so we decided to move on. We headed back south to the wild brown trout C&R section on the lower Owens. We did not do that well there so we decided to move on. Once we were back in Bishop we decided to go up the 6 to a little spot that had done well for us on the last trip. However we did not have any luck there this time. All in all I had a great time, even though I had my regular rods with me I was determined to get more proficient with the fly rod. The only thing I didn’t like about my fly rod was that I had expected a bigger fight with the trout. It seemed like it wasn’t much of a fight with this particular rod. I know that I am still very much learning but I think that I want to get a different rod. Before I started fly fishing my favorite pole was my 5’ ultra light action trout rod. I liked it because even a small 12” fish was a fight. I would like to get a fly rod that has the same type of action. Well I know that I had a good time and I cant wait till my next trip.