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01-15-2013, 10:09 PM

Take Aways:

Societies and civilizations have come and gone, we would be arrogant to think we are immune.
What you witness in your life time is a mere sliver in history. Most donít notice the big picture.
What has happened before can and will happen again. History constantly repeats itself, note the timeline.
The generation at the end of each civilization probably never saw it coming, things were always bad in their life time.


Survival and preparedness is not at all just about firearms and ammo, though they are important.

Quit thinking that everything will happen in a short span (like a movie), often times they have been trans-generational.

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01-21-2013, 10:53 AM
This deserves a bump.

SHTF or even TEOTWAWKI can be a slow motion event, as in decades to generations slow. A good example would be the catastrophic effects of a slow debasement of the USD or peak oil. Fifteen years ago in the late '90s some tinfoil hat moonbat on the internet was yammering about some secret report that cost $32,000.00 a copy and was circulating between the 5 major oil companies at the time. The report basically said that by the year 2003, gas could hit $2.00 a gallon and it would start to have negative effects on the economy. 1) I had no fooking idea how bad it could get and 2) that internet moonbat whackjob was right. 3) If things continue, how will we all be surviving in a world where our paychecks, bennies stay the same in nominal terms while food and energy continue to double and double and then double again over the next 10+ years?

As gov't gets more corrupt, heavy handed and incompetent, even little disasters like the odd cat 3 hurricane in the southeast or the periodic killing frost in Porterville will have more serious and long lasting effects on things. Nations are to a degree like people and where a hurricane or earthquake to a healthy nation is like a strep infection or flu to a young healthy person, a rotted out, corrupt nation full of the entitlement mentalites would suffer and even collapse just like an elderly or immunocompromised person would be pushed into the next world when faced with the same common bacteria and influenza agents.

The likelihood of a strong, omnipresent government is also not 100% IMO. It could be argued that as gov't spending collapses bue to loss of revenue or loss of faith in the currency, all those helicopters and drones will cost too much to maintain and fly regularly and patrols will be cut back, salaries will stagnate, morale will collapse and we'll all be living with Latin America levels of bribery and corruption, nevermind earthquakes and EMP and supervolcanoes. That slow-collapse scenario alone is horrid to contemplate, yet a lot of immigrants to this country can tell us stories all day long of what it's like to deal with that level of hassle. In the face this sort of thing, stored food and battle rattle only go so far. Skillsets and organization become the next step.

01-21-2013, 12:15 PM
The thing that keeps me nervous is how dependent we have become on petroleum for production and distribution of food - feeding an ever increasing number of people. If petroleum keeps rising along with population I see a food cliff in the future somewhere. I know man is pretty creative at solving problems, but as Chris Martensen says the days of drilling a hole in the ground and having oil come shooting to the surface are over - we are grinding oil out of rocks now and the cost to produce a barrel is rising every day.

01-21-2013, 5:53 PM
There once was a great nation...

01-29-2013, 8:00 PM
I see it everyday in my job... People become more helpless and reliant on the services of the govt. In a way, some sides of our govt. want this. This way, they can control us because we are utterly dependent on them.

Being prepared, self reliant, and having the proper mindset (as well as training) will keep some of us from having to bend to govt. pressure, or at least try and escape it to some place less likely to have it (stay away from urban areas). But some of us are not so lucky.

I have studied the rise and falls of civilizations throughout my formal and informal education and there is some common themes in many of them.

Govt. corruption, large population centers that are dependent on such govt., The break down of law, the inability to enforce law, or people's willingness to follow law. People not having some belief system to fall back on for hope if the system they believe them, fails them... etc.

Our society is delicate, in many ways, ignorant, unprepared, too reliant on technology, too reliant on others for our basic needs. At least here in these forums as well as many others there are people thinking about what they would do in these situations. At least we have the means/will to survive.