View Full Version : Odd Mak-90 question (NOT about 922(r))

08-31-2007, 8:49 PM
I have a registered Mak-90 from way back. I hate the horrid wood thumbhole stock and it more or less has ripped out of the mount enough times that it's getting difficult to fix. I have a poly thumbhole stock for it but recently read something on AK47.net that had me question whether I can put it on. Here's the quote:

"The B.A.T.F has ruled it is not lawful to modify any MAK-90, or Variant except by class II license holders in limited situations."

Here's the link:

To be clear, I want to put a new plastic thumbhole stock on it to replace the crap wood one. Is this legal? I'm not looking to gain 922(r) compliance to swap on a pistol grip, just replace the existing thumbhole one with another that doesn't suck. Is this considered a "modification"? Especially when the original has torn itself loose too many times?

As a side question, any idea why they picked the Mak-90 to be singled out given all the different AK variants out there?


08-31-2007, 8:53 PM
You should be fine with the plastic thumbhole stock, I think that was just to scare people away from putting a pistol grip and standard stock on. I have a Choate stock on mine and love it. Since it is still 922r compliant, I don't see where the problem could be.