View Full Version : Our Right to Peaceable Assemble

08-31-2007, 8:36 PM
Admin... how many calguns users/members are there?

We ought to organize quarterly meetings by county- if only as a means to show our strength as a concerned demographic group that should not be f'd with.

Calguns Stanislaus chapter... etc... The Alameda group... etc...

huh? huh?


08-31-2007, 9:11 PM
The stats say a bit under 9300 total, 3010 of which are listed as 'active'.

A search shows +/-1750 who have 0 posts and no log on for over a year.

On the interesting side another search shows that only about +/-3600 have NOT logged in in the last two months so roughly 6000 of our members have logged in within the the last two months.

I'm not sure what the software considers 'active' but a 60 day window is not surprising for an internet forum.

Quarterly or biannual meetings would be interesting. Then that guy you're arguing with or griping about would have a face and a person behind it.

Neat thought.

08-31-2007, 9:26 PM
I've enjoyed meeting people from the forum in person. I met several at the Caw Palace show- I'll occasioanlly get someone in the store, who introduces themself as there user name. It's kinda cool.

LAK Supply
08-31-2007, 9:35 PM
Yeah, people here are generally civil..... it's not like TFL where every other person is a know-it-all *****hole. I can count those people on one....er, two hands here..... myself included of course! :D

Sounds like fun..... any events should be held up here in Wyoming! :D

08-31-2007, 9:39 PM
There is the Chabot Shoot-n-Q around the 4th of July weekend as well as around Thanksgiving time.

I have met many members at these events and hope to meet more. Sadly I missed the last one. Just ask Bill though, it wasn't for lack of trying (I got confused on the date of the event.)