View Full Version : WTS: HRA M1 Garand *SOLD AND PICKED UP*

01-09-2013, 2:32 PM

I'm selling a almost ALL HRA Garand. The only parts that are not HRA is the wood.
The wood is beautifully sanded tiger striped birch and has had many coats of BLO
hand rubbed in.

The rifle is a 5.66 HRA with a HRA 8-55 barrel
TE 2.5
MW is a tad less than 1.75
It comes with a new CMP case and GI cotton sling and GI sight
It is all cleaned and greased up ready to shoot.

Price is $1,000 shipped/ insured
if picked up, Price is $960
(I will NOT Drive anywhere except Richmond Rifle
Range or Chabot Rifle Range to Meet for Pick-up)
I'm in the Washington Manor Area
San Leandro

I'll ONLY ship to 01 and 03 FFL's (and I MUST have a inked signed
copy of either said license.
Cash or USPS MO's ONLY!!
Any Questions? Ask in PM's ONLY!
NO offers! Price is firm! NO Trades either!!!
First 'I'LL TAKE IT!!" Gets it!!! Via either PM's or in ad
I'll check time stamps if multiple 'i'll take its'


rolling thunder
01-09-2013, 3:30 PM
Gorgeous M1! Wish you were in SoCal