View Full Version : A call to action for all Calgunners

01-09-2013, 7:01 AM
I think the best thing we can do right now is recruit, recruit, recruit. The ONLY way 2a will stay alive is if we get more and more people into the sporting and hunting aspect of owning and safely using firearms. I will personally take anybody who has never fired a gun to the range, and pay for ammo, range fees, ect. Just every so often find a friend you have or make a new one that has never fired a weapon before or has and hasnt in a long while, and offer to take them to the range. Better yet if you are a black gun owner like me, bring that one too and show them how to safely operate and use it. DONT talk politics, DONT talk about 2a or the NRA, let them do the talking. Just show them how to safely operate a firearm. I have had success with maybe 10 people in the last year, at least 5 of them are now gun owners, and will vote pro gun. Its the only way folks, lets get to work!