View Full Version : Can any of you C&R experts help??

01-08-2013, 8:26 PM
I bought this Victory model S&W .38 and really want to figure out an aproximate value. Can any of you guys help?

01-09-2013, 8:49 AM
Unless the engraver is a known and collected artist it's just a interesting revolver....Not much interest in altered Victory models. So the value would probably be around $200 to $250

Marcus von W.
01-09-2013, 9:22 AM
Is that purple color the actual color of the gun or is that just an optical effect caused by the camera flash or lighting? Sometimes guns or parts turn a purple color IIRC if the bluing solution is too hot or something, or if the steel in the gun or parts has a high nickel content. If the gun is purple, this would detract from its value and appeal.

Is it in .38 special or .38 S&W? Old S&W's like Victory Models are generally a lot more sought after and worth more in .38 Special. Also, some in .38 S&W had the cylinder chambers bored out longer to take .38 Special, but the cases will bulge due to the larger diameter of the .38 S&W round and the bore diamter is too large, so this conversion seriously devalues the gun and kills its collectability, making it just a cheap and crappy shooter.

It looks well done, so if it has a decent blue finish (straight guys don't like purple or pink guns), the engraving is smooth without sharp rough edges (no one wants to handle a gun that feels like a rough file), a good bore, and hasn't been the victim of one of these azzy .38 spl. conversions, I would estimate it's value at around double what SVT-40 quoted, at least in my area.

01-09-2013, 7:16 PM
I would pay $400 - so, likely it's worth more.;)

*I wouldn't sell it for less than $750. Research the engraver, could be worth more to the right person.

01-09-2013, 8:21 PM
The engraving on it sais " H&H ZEHNER FRANKFURT T/M" and the barrel is stamped
".38 S&W SPECIAL CTG" . The color purple is just a thing with my cell phone camera.