View Full Version : Looking for some AR help. Im in Santa Clarita

01-08-2013, 7:48 PM
With shops so busy i have to turn to my fellow shooters for a favor???? I can pay you a little for the help or supply the drinks/food??????

I don't have any of the tools for an AR and honestly I don't want to mess anything up to boot.

Im looking to swap a few parts around.

Things i need to do are:

-Swap a carry handle AR-15 upper for a flat top upper
-Take a BCG from one AR to install in a new long range upper i just bought
-Install a Bullet Button

One question i have though is on the flat top upper i have to be swapped with the older carry handle upper. The current setup with the carry handle upper doesn't have a forward assist. The stripped upper i have that i want to put on that rifle has the location for the forward assist but i don't have a forward assist to install on there. Is that something i can do after everything else is swapped out and at a later time when i can find a forward assist?

also, transferring a bcg from 1 upper to another.... is there fitting that needs to be done or is it drop in? I thought thats where you have to do the head space setup?

Ultimately I have a budget Ar that i need to take some parts off to put on a new long range AR im doing while im waiting for parts to re-finish the budget AR.

Im available ANYTIME so whatever works for you and i'll be there.

I really don't want to just jump in and ruin anything since i don't have the budget to be fixing mistakes i make at this point in time.

Thanks guys! :cool2:


01-08-2013, 8:30 PM
What's your location?

I must of missed the Santa Clarita part in the title.

You are fine with building your upper without a forward assist. And it will be no problem to add one at a later time when instock. Search around, company's even make plugs to cover the hole for people who remove their forward assists.

And a different BCG will be fine with a different upper for the most part. All the well known companies parts will all be made to the same specs so head spacing is usually not a issue.

01-08-2013, 9:17 PM
ive just been reading about the headspacing being essential for spikes in pressure that it makes it sound very necessary.

As for popular brands, i have no idea the bran of the upper of the AR i own currently and the new upper im looking to put it into is a respected company but not someone like S&W, Colt, Noveske etc... thats why im a little concerned on making sure its right.

Good to know about the Forward assist though. Thanks for the heads up and after reading your reply i do see the plugs that people seem to be using. I would like to install one considering weight isn't an issue on this bench rest AR but at the same time parts are not as abundant as they were a month ago LOL...

I still need to find someone though to help me swap uppers. I really respect the power of firearms and the cartridge so id hate to have something go wrong and for just peace of mind id like to get some help from someone who has done it before and knows what they are doing. Problem is finding someone. I just don't have the cash to be buying all the tools required to swap it over for quite possibly a 1 time deal??? I would hope that we beat any assaults on the 2a and things get back to normal. Fingers crossed.


01-08-2013, 11:04 PM
Well I think there are quite a few people that would be willing to help out near you. I think if you post this question in the centerfire rifle section or gunsmithing you will get a lot more responses.

I dont think this section gets much traffic.

Off the top of my head, maybe try and contact Randall, AR15barrells is his screename. He is in Van Nuys and really knows his stuff. Maybe try and work out something with him.

Good luck, I think if you put this in the Centerfire section you will find someone quick.