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08-27-2007, 8:59 PM
Went for the first time to the shooting range in Piru. I decided to try something new, and wasn't dissapointed! It's kind of out in the sticks, and you have to drive a ways on a rough dirt road, but I have a big truck so it was fun! Anyhow, the pistol part is small, but enough, and the rifle section is nice! Loooong rang, not sure how far, but longer than I can shoot. There were a few guys there with some 50 cals there bringing the thunder. I didn't bring my rifle because I didn't know how OLL friendly they would be, but I'll definetly bring it next time. The guy working there was super friendly, in fact, everyone that I talked to was super friendly! No RO's watching over your shoulder, no one correcting you for any stupid "range violations" or touching your weapons.

I sure wish I knew how to become a member of the "private club" so I could use those ranges farther up the road! Full on kill houses and competition courses! WOW! Makes me want to move out to the sticks so I can have my own!

Anyhow, two thumbs up to Piru, or the Wes something or another range, whatever its called!

08-27-2007, 9:12 PM
Wes Thompson's Outdoor Lake Piru Shooting Range or something :cool:

I've gone there a couple times with my AR, they are OLL friendly but most of the guys there are shooting bolt actions. I am surprised you said everyone was so friendly, when I go there it seems like people keeps to themselves. They go there to shoot and that's all they do. That could be because I am 19 and probably look much younger.

I think the shortest range on the rifle area is 100 yards and the longest is 1,000.

08-28-2007, 5:40 PM
The ranges farthere up are where the shoot the IDPA, SASS, Steel Challange, and other action pistol matches.

Look through the competition forum and you will see video of 3 gun matches held there or go to www.madtrigger.com

If you want to be in the "club" you have to shoot matches.