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01-07-2013, 5:16 PM
I keep seeing SVT-40's go up for sale in the trader section and I am always tempted to buy one. But I have a few questions that I'd like answers to from current and past SVT-40 owners

1. How accurate is your SVT-40 compared to your other surplus rifles (ie Mosin Nagant, Mauser, Swiss, etc).

2. Does your SVT-40 have jamming issues?

3. Does your SVT-40 require specific ammo or will the common Russian/Bulgarian light ball or heavy ball run fine? Does it run a lot better with commercial match ammo or handloads?

4. Are they any harder to maintain than any other semi-auto, say M1A?


Vlad 11
01-07-2013, 5:55 PM
1. Many of my Mosins shoot better than my SVT, mainly due to bore condition.

2. Never had a single jam

3. I always run light ball. Heavyball is harder on an SVT but can be done. Brass gets battered by the action and fluting so i use steel case. I got a bunch of Russian steelcase non-corrosive to use in the svt

4. Not to me, but if you use corrosive ammo its more a pain to rinse everything good

01-07-2013, 6:37 PM
No expert but no issues with mine, other than after market mag coming apart..lol, but easy fix...Its a pretty neat gun.

01-07-2013, 6:51 PM
Very Nice, Very Accurate, Very pleasant and very LOUD!

01-07-2013, 7:00 PM
1. Mine was belssed with a very good bore. Shoots as good as my Garand.

2. Never have had any feeding or ejecting issues.

3. Ive fired nothing but Bulgarian and silver tip light ball through mine.

4. Kind of a PIA to clean at first. Gas system (piston and cup) need attention. You need a special tool to adjust gas (very good repros are $25). There was a definate learning curve, for me, taking the bolt and springs out but its not that bad.

I love my SVT. Probably my favorite milsurp rifle I own. Less recoil than a Mosin.

01-07-2013, 7:27 PM
Ah dang...you guys are killing me, now I have to have one....thanks...I think...lol

01-07-2013, 8:12 PM
Ah dang...you guys are killing me, now I have to have one....thanks...I think...lol

these are, indeed, wonderful rifles. if you take time between shots - quite accurate too. If you just want to keep unloading as fast as you can :) - well you will hit the silhouette but thats about it. battle sight on these are VERY nice - easy to see, no glare - open sights at 100m - beer cans popping are easy. I use 1.3 gas setting and it shooting ANYTHING thru it. non-corrosive ammo is a plus to use in these - will save you from the immediate cleaning as these will start the pitting process fairly quickly, given the right corrosive primer and a level of humidity in the air...
If you want to draw attention to yourself at the range - bring a SVT-40, Ljungman and a Hakim - I can guarantee you - you will have a circle around you after first 3-4 shots.

in short - if you have a lead on one and you can afford it - go for it!

P.S. suggestion below regarding ' stainless piston/cup set' - follow it, its WELL worth it! replacements from Numrich are junk and pitted to hell, so hardly any decent parts left when it comes to gas components.

01-07-2013, 8:18 PM
I second cruddymutt's love of the SVT...I really like shooting that rifle!

Bill Berg's stainless piston/cup set helps with cleaning after corrosive, and saves the OEM parts from wear and tear: http://www.ppsh41.com/SVTitems.html

Awesome, neat, beautiful, LOUD, milsurp rifle. Super cool! :)

01-07-2013, 10:03 PM
Svt is a Cadillac... find a FINN if you can

01-07-2013, 10:06 PM
Don't own one, but I have shot one. Loud, accurate enough, slightly more recoil than an SKS. Fun overall, I want one too.