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01-07-2013, 4:27 AM
To my elected official,

In the face of the recent events, from the numerous unnecessary and tragic deaths to the political exploitation of these tragedies and attacks on our constitution, I have decided to write you and urge you to stand up and take action. I will point out in this letter some evidence I hope will help guide you in defending and making a stand for our country’s safety, our constitutional rights and our respect.
Currently under attack from a political and a public perspective are the Second Amendment and our ability to defend ourselves from the evil that threaten our daily existence. Anti-Gun extremist groups are littering the media with false claims and data in hopes to sway you, the elected public official, and the general public. I implore you to do your own research into these claims and find your own independently back data in addition to the evidence listed below. I did not include a lot of specific numbers and percentages because I am asking you to do your own research so that you can confidently stand against your fellow politicians who wish to make a mockery of our constitution. You were elected to lead and represent the people of America and act in their best interest. This requires you to be impartial and unbiased in deciding our fate as a country.
• Gun Free School Safe Zones have failed. School related violence has dramatically increased since the legislation was enacted in 1995
• States that have the strictest gun control laws have also been home to the highest number of gun related violence, especially District of Columbia, Illinois, and Connecticut. It has been proven that in these states, you have a higher chance of being injured/killed then a soldier in the Middle East conflicts.
• Since the lifting of the “Assault Weapon” ban in 2004, violent crime has actually decreased despite the predictions of the gun control fanatics.
• Banning all firearms, an eventuality if these gun-control extremists are left unchecked, will have an adverse reaction of our economy. The firearm industry and other secondary industries, i.e. Travel/Lodging for hunting trips and Transportation industry, contribute an average of $15 billion to our economy and are taxed accordingly.
• Mass shooting, while reported nationally and are always scrutinized, represent the minority of gun violence. Majority of gun violence goes under-reported by mainstream media and occurs within the ganglands of America. These areas of our streets are unperturbed by most laws and would not be affected by more stringent gun laws. The law abiding citizens who legally own the over 300 million firearms and occupy nearly 45% of homes in America are the only people who would be negatively affected, mainly in their safety and the suppression of their god given and constitutional protected rights.
I, along with the millions of second amendment supporters, am asking you to take a stand and fight for our rights as American citizens. Please take the following into account:
• Oppose any and all new gun restrictions in any form, shut down and prevent any current legislation from taking effect.
• Repeal any and all current laws that are unconstitutional or infringe on the second amendment, and eliminate gun-free zones.
• Introduce new bills that support the second amendment and our right to bear arms both in and out of our homes so that we can protect ourselves from the evils that roam the streets and violates our homes in the night.
• Support additional funding for mental health initiatives and programs. Require pharmacies to report people who are filling prescriptions designed for severe mental so that firearm dealers are not selling weapons to those who are not in a capable state of mind.
I know that myself, my community and the citizens of the United States of America will be watching what you do and how you represent us. Your actions and decisions will either facilitate us in defending our rights, our safety, and our very lives or will condemn us as a nation. Please choose wisely as our votes, our respect and our very safety lies in your hands.