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08-26-2007, 8:22 AM
APS – Tac / Prec Match Results 082507

Here are the results from today’s match. My report will be in another thread.

Six Stages – Maximum Score 600

1. Luc Bauder – 400
2. Pascal Bauder - 366
3. Jason Chan – 360
4. Ryan Kerr - 353
5. Peter Na – 330
6. John Rose - 309
7. Bryan Warloe - 236
8. Joseph Hernandez - 233

100 YARD 5 DOT DRILL WINNER – 100 pts max /1 min time

Luc Bauder – 60 pts / 36.05 sec

Congratulations to all for a very well shot match. Honorable mention goes to the top three: Luc Bauder who also took the prize for the 100-YARD DOT DRILL event; Pascal Bauder; and Jason Chan.

The next match will be September 29, 2007, which will be a night match. Go ahead and mark your calendars and I will post an announcement we this match within the week.

Thanks for a great match y’all and a hearty congrats to today’s winners.

08-26-2007, 8:51 AM
Had a great time. Learned a lot about the new scope and when/when not to use 18x magnification!

I hope to make it to the next one. I missed the last night match because of vacation. The 29th is opening weekend of deer season and I may be hunting. Look forward to it though.