View Full Version : Hunting guns, why we need "Modern Sporting Rifles".

01-03-2013, 10:50 PM
The so called attack on our modern sporting rifles is we don't need "standard capacity" magazines to hunt with.

Well, if we are hunting game, the truth is if we don't get our game with the first shot, then the animal is probably gone.

However, there is a new problem for "hunters", especially in the national forests and it is a problem that law enforcement says is growing.

Specifically, "illegal large marijuana grows" deep in our forrests being run by the Mexican Drug Cartels.;)

It is our law enforcement who says the forrests are full of illegal grows run by the cartels and of course our law enforcement wouldn't lie to us, now would they?

The Mexican Drug Cartels are composed of "Savages", after all, look what the MSM puts on the news.

If I am a hunter, a 10 round mag may be fine when hunting Bambi, but what happens if I stumble into an area with a illegal marijuana farm, how fast will 911 get me help, btw, what happens if my cell phone is out of range?

In this circumstance, I would go from being a "hunter" to being "hunted" while I would high tail my fat *** out of there.

I could find myself in a firefight situation with growers armed with semi autos that came from operation fast and furious shooting at me.;)

Worse, they could be armed with full auto AK47s and 50 caliber anti aircraft rifles that have a 10 mile range.:eek:

And they could have those 1,000 round drum magazines, oh the horror.:rolleyes:

I have a right to self-defense with arms that are functional, up to the job and give me at least equal, if not superior firepower to my attackers, wouldn't you all agree.;)


01-03-2013, 11:02 PM
The anti's solution is to stop all hunting then. Now you don't need normal capacity magazines anymore. You can't use any logic with these people they are illogical.