View Full Version : Beat, mismatched, no collector value 1886 - .45-70

12-31-2012, 4:36 PM
I know, I know - this is not the want to buy section.
Sorry, sorry.

But, I have a feeling that, that section is one of the less travelled forum headings on this site.

If anyone has a sad, sorry or unwanted 1886 in .45-70 please let me know.
This will be refurbished and used as a movie gun.

I know about the Jap Winchesters, and the Cimarron replicas.

But, I would love to find one with a been there done it look - it will only fire blanks, so - if you have a pre-smokeless, black powder only lead slinger, that's in no shape to restore - let me know - PM me.

Again apologies for the wrong thread heading, etc.,

Happy New year Gun Collectors!