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12-31-2012, 5:31 AM
I learned to use firearms at the age of 5 with an old JC Higgins pump .22. Where we lived in northern Utah that was pretty common as every hunting father wanted their child to come along on the hunt. Years later ( won't say how many ) I ended up married to a lifelong democrat who had absolutely no use for guns. Her son and daughter ( my step kids ) felt the same. After years of unsuccessfully trying to interest my wife in learning to shoot or even pick up a firearm I had a sneaky idea.
I offered to pay for my wife, step daughter and my step son's fiancee to attend a basic handgun course as a girl's day out. I was shocked when not only did they love the idea, they invited two female friends along ( on my dime of course ). At the end of this class all the gals were getting very good at double and triple taps, engaging multiple targets etc.
They decided that a monthly girl's night would consist of a trip to the local indoor range. My wife has since claimed my Officer model 1911 as her own, ( good excuse for new Kimber I've been eyeing), my daughter and son's fiancee are buying their own handguns and girl's night out at the range is now up to ten women.
They are now pissed at the ignorance of the anti's and are new NRA members.
Girl's night out, Who woulda thunk..

12-31-2012, 5:37 AM
Great and glad to hear of a few more that know how to shoot.

We'll see a lot of anti's convert after the next big SHTF incident, ie earthquake, massive power outage, riots, and the always ensuing pillaging and plundering.

When the looting starts in their nicer neighborhoods and the police are nowhere to be found, they'll be crying for some means to defend themselves when they find out that hugs won't stop these people.

12-31-2012, 5:55 AM
It's probably easier/more productive to convert people that are neutral to the second amendment. Anti's already have their mind made up...maybe if they're family, like in your case, but otherwise we shouldn't waste too much time with them.

Good to hear you got some more people addicted to shooting though. ;)

12-31-2012, 6:25 AM
Thats awesome glad to hear you finally found a way to change their minds!

Its totally true some people are never going to change their mind, but in my opinion a lot of weight is in wether or not the "anti" trusts you personally and if they do you probably have a chance just gotta find the right approach.

The best way for us to prevail over the gun grabber politicians is to get more people on our side. As dumb as some politicians seem, they know their career depends on votes and the higher our numbers the more likely they are to back off and those that already support 2A will put their foot down that much more.

12-31-2012, 6:53 AM
great job op :cheers2:

As part of my efforts to promote 2A I have taken many first time shooters to the range. Not necessarily antis, but individuals who had no interest as well as no knowledge on firearms. The range time has led many first time purchases.

1. Husband/Wife (teachers) - Mossberg 500 tactical and in the market for a black rifle. I told them to wait till the dust settles a bit.

2. My employee - Purchased an ar10

3. My boss - Who initially only had interest in lever actions and shotguns picked up a sig 556 and a sig pistol.

4. My friend - Built him an AR and he purchased a sig pistol.

I communicate all proposed legislature and links I find here to them to help support the cause.

My biggest challenge is an anti friend who I stopped speaking to because of a gun debate which got heated. We are on speaking terms now and she has agreed to join me at the range to see if she will change her views. Just trying to work with her schedule.

Keep it up!!

12-31-2012, 11:21 AM
Most people aren't antis so much as they know or care little about guns and are inclined to believe whatever they see in the media. This is why they are so easy to convert, simply by taking them to the range. Range trips reinforce several points:

o How safe shooting actually is (or should be);

o How much fun it can be, and thus it answers the question of, "Why would anyone need . . . ?" As long as they aren't harming anyone, why not allow responsible people to enjoy such a satisfying hobby?

o Often overlooked but in fact most important, folks get to see a wide variety of ordinary people, including women, children and families, shooting safely at the range. This makes them more aware of the fact that shooting is not a fringe activity engaged in by crazed militia types, but something not so different from weekend soccer (just louder, and more expensive). It also helps when they see so many women, children and families shooting EBRs.

01-01-2013, 7:39 AM
The Anti position is born of fear and ignorance and they are not interested in addressing either. They have as much audacity and certainly as any religious zealot—as Stalin, or the Nazis, Pol Pot, the 8 Immortals in China. They are amoral and have no compassion when it comes to sacrificing others for their cause. As with most extremists, they believe the end justifies the menas so we cannot trust them nor enter into any agreement with them. They are the mortal enemies of the our right to keep and bear arms. They and the politicians that pander to them for notoriety, funding, and votes are a clear and present danger. And we must fight them every hour (apologies to Churchill).

However, most people in the USA are slightly pro-arms but a significant number are close to neutral (so events like Sandy Hook sway polls significantly). They understand the Bill of rights is important as is self-defense. And they know the police canot protect them everywhere and all times. And they are not so full of themselves to think they have it all figured out. Those are the people we must work with to win. Always be polite. Never play the "gun nut" card and hug your AR. Speak in terms of the Bill of Rights, liberty, tradition, defense. Stay calm and rational—make the Antis look like the loons they are.

Use facts: Facts on gun crimes that show an AR ban is unwarranted such as: in 2011 rifle murders: 323 , hand and fist murders: 728, knife murders: 1,694, other weapons (non-firearm): 1,659 ). Of the 12,664 murders in 2012, 8,583 were with firearms and 6,220 with pistols (mostly gang-bangers and drug dealers fighting each other) an average of 7 die from gun shots in Oakland every weekend—that is a Sandy Hook a month. And most of those firearms were illegally obtained and illegally possessed showing that laws are irrelevant.

01-01-2013, 10:09 AM
I agree... best thing you can do is take people out shooting, show them how to properly, show them you are a careful responsible owner, that 99.9% of gun owners are like you, and you'll have done as much for the cause as donations to the NRA.