View Full Version : What exactly is OMEGA armor?

12-28-2012, 4:13 PM
OMEGA armor is a high-grade of AR500 with superior forming and weld ability. Omega Armor is used in a variety of applications where armor is needed....armored trucks, cages, military equipement, SWAT vehicles, etc. Not all AR500 is created equal. The quenching process for OMEGA armor is FAR different then standard AR500, which creates different variances and tolerences in the armor.

OMEGA armor is exclusively tested by HP White Laboratories. If you receive an mill certificate stamped by anyone other then HP White, it is NOT Omega Armor. If your mill certificate is stamped by HP White Laborities, that does still not mean it is really OMEGA armor. The distributors Bill of Lading will have OMEGA Armor stamped on that also.

From this point forward, OMEGA armor lab-certificates will be mailed with ALL purchases of our OMEGA armor.