View Full Version : Arrogant opponents make us stronger.

12-28-2012, 12:16 PM
Re Di Fi is getting ready to submit her new AW ban which will be far worse than the one she submitted in 1994.

This one is far more onerous and there are numerous constitutional issues with it.

Apparently she doesn't like our bullet buttons and maglocks even though they do slow down the rate at which we can reload a firearm.

Her bill is effectively a ban not on some semi auto rifles, but almost all of them.

The last AW ban barely passed because it did have a 10 year sunset provision, something btw I think we should have on ALL laws. Imagine how many bad laws today we wouldn't have to deal with if they just expired.

Many CCW holders have been on the sidelines, but when it is brought to their attention that they will have to reduce the capacity of their pistols from 15 to 10, they may start getting involved.

Hopefully CCW instructors across the country keep records and contact info on people they trained because this would be a great resource to reach people sympathetic to our side.

While more people are buying semi auto rifles, the number of CCW permits is also rising and as those numbers rise, our strength grows.

The two next foundational gun cases that will hit the SCOTUS will be common arms and carry.

The Republicans hosed themselves in the 2012 elections because of Abortion. Di Fi and Chuck Schummer are setting the Democratic party up for big loses in the 2014 elections provided the Republicans learned their lessons.

Let's see if Gov Bobby Jindal can make things happen.