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12-23-2012, 10:00 PM
If the state of California would do the following:

Authorize the sheriffs of all counties to place citizen armed citizen volunteers in schools to provide for protection against mass shooters.

In doing so, the volunteers would be allowed to purchase, keep and maintain appropriate arms. Eg, AR 15 rifle with normal cap mags, no bullet button, in other words, a waiver on the AW ban.

Volunteer would be allowed 2 rifles per caliber. My reasoning is a person could get two of the same rifle, use one for heavy duty training and the other as a primary. This is a toe in the doors guys.

The sheriffs would create a training program, it probably would have to be around 16 hours plus because we would have to secure students and possibly engage an active shooter.

Volunteers would cover cost, once they got their training, then they would be assigned a school and they would spend say 1 day on a weekend training in that school so they know that school's layout.

After they are trained, then they would perform say 1week of guard duty at a school and we would only do this provided that we could have say 3 to 5 person teams.

People would be allowed to volunteer in any county in the state and applications would be accepted from any US citizen, regardless of state of residence. This would allow people of Nevada, Oregon and Arizona to help with our border counties if they choose.

Please take attached poll. If enough of us show interest, perhaps we could actually make this happen.

At the very least, we could have some pro gun assemblyman introduce the bill if we showed support so that we look like we are doing something.

Yes this is a commitment of our time and money, the other side is waging a full on PR war against us and this is in tune with what the NRA actually proposed.

Anyone who actually does this program can look an anti gunner in the eye and say I am investing my time, money and potentially my life to protect your children, what the **** are you doing?

I figure this would be a one week and say 500 dollar commitment for initial training and then say 1 week per year of school duty and say 4 weekends per year in tactic type training. Say one day for range time and 1 day air soft training in the school.

What do you say Calgunners, any volunteers?


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