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12-23-2012, 7:08 PM
Something very interesting in the various court battles that caught my attention is how the courts bring up undue burden, intermediate scrutiny, strict scrutiny, core of the second amendment.

When it comes to our gun rights, the standard of protection seems to absurdly low when compared to other rights.

Which brings me around to the 1st amendment.

Yes we have freedom of the press, but does that mean that the press should be allowed to put out any story with no consequences for their actions?

It is well known that these mass murderers seek to become famous and when the press makes them the front page for weeks and weeks, they inspire others. I am not saying the press shouldn't report the crimes, but shouldn't they take responsibility not to inspire copy cats.

The FCC fined CBS for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, yet her wardrobe malfunction isn't something that would inspire people to go on a killing rampage. How about fining TV and radio stations if they broadcast information that would give the mass killer publicity, things like his name and face. Why tell his story at all because his story inspires others to commit acts of mayhem.

What if advertisers told newspapers that if they any publicity to these monsters that they would pull their adds.
What if we as consumers told companies that we would boycott them as long as they supported irresponsible press reports.

Seems to me that the press has inspired many of these mass killers then what they do is instead of owning up that they helped create these monsters, they shift the blame at us.

Freedom without accountability for one's actions doesn't work on anything. Culturally this has to change because the rest of society picks up the tab for those who are reckless under the guise of exercising their freedoms.

And then there is the American people themselves. We get tabloid journalism because that is what we want. If it bleeds, it leads because that is what we buy.

Until we stop buying tabloid news, that is what we will continue to get.


12-23-2012, 7:11 PM
Well they are all idiots. The media is especially stupid. So are all the people that believe it.

12-23-2012, 9:59 PM
Seems to me that the press has inspired many of these mass killers then what they do is instead of owning up that they helped create these monsters, they shift the blame at us.


Do we have any evidence that this kid was inspired by any other mass shootings? I'm not saying he wasn't, but nobody blames the media for covering bank robberies or drive by shootings. Should we tell the media not to cover crimes at all because it might give people ideas?

The moment you tell the press what they can and cannot put in their broadcasts, or on their pages or websites, is a step closer to being North Korea or China. Where do you stop? It would be nice if they voluntarily didn't make the names public, but it would get out on a blog somewhere, and then people would complain that they weren't doing a good job covering a story. In the internet age, you can't keep anything secret for too long.

The only people to blame are the shooter, and his mother for apparently being an irresponsible gun owner. It's easy to complain about the amount of violence in the media, and say that something should be done about it, but at the end of the day, most of us continue to watch. How many hours of the Newtown coverage did we watch over the course of last week? Until Americans collectively change the channel, the media will continue to give us what we want.