View Full Version : Its all about the social utillity of firearms

12-22-2012, 10:43 AM
The reason so many people want to ban fireamrs is that the dont see any social utillity in owning firearms to offset the risks of firearms ownership. Show people that firearams have a social utillity and you will bring people over to this side of the continuim.

Many of the poeple on this forum believe that their guns are essential for protecting their family and their freedom. They see clear an imminent danger to both out in the world and in there neighborhood.

For me, I do believe that an armed populace is essential in the big picture for preventing tyranny but I dont see that tyranny preparing to march on my block nor do I feel threatened by criminals, so my guns are in a safe and not my bedside.

The point is we all exist along a continuim in regards to the threats we perceive and the response we take to those perceptions. The tipping point of that continuim is the social utillity of firearms. Until most americans can see that guns have a social utillity and not just a social cost, gun rights will always be under threat.