View Full Version : Ausies with a message to the US

12-21-2012, 9:00 PM
The Australians want us to know this. Don't give them up! :oji:


12-21-2012, 9:06 PM
There is no clear definition of what home invasion is? WOW!!

12-21-2012, 9:25 PM
There is no clear definition of what home invasion is? WOW!!

Coming soon to an American courtroom near you!


12-22-2012, 2:18 AM
Hmm...come to think of it maybe we should look at how we define rape, robbery and murder, too...:rolleyes:

12-22-2012, 6:36 AM
Thanks for posting this Yuba...it sends a very clear message. As you all may know, they are letting out California prisoners by the thousands and as hard as it is to get jobs without any criminal records, they will come back to a life of crime and commit offenses once again. I refuse to be a victim.

12-22-2012, 6:57 AM
Anyone know the source of this video? If I show this to an anti they'll want to know.

12-22-2012, 9:07 AM
Call-in, it looks like Awakened Media has a facebook and youtube channel.

Australia is a testing ground for a lot of "progressive" movements.

12-23-2012, 12:51 AM
Watching the video, I can't help but notice that everything looked aged in it. Hairstyles, cars, glasses, everything. I think I won't show this to any antis. For one, the video lacks any form of branding, identity, and date stamp. It will be easy pickings for someone marginally competent in debating.

12-23-2012, 3:44 AM
The Anti's will just ignore the facts as usual. I still can't get my sister to come out of her denial about the facts that implementing a gun ban = Increase in violent crimes...

12-23-2012, 4:04 AM
i posted that earlier and no one said ****.lol