View Full Version : Shipping Rifle into California???

12-21-2012, 12:02 PM
I just bought a rifle from an individual in Georgia. It is a modern lever gun, and not probitied in our state.

I was reading the CGF wiki on this, and it appears that he can ship directly to my local FFL as long as the FFL will receive it from a "private", non-licensed individual. Here is what I found on the CGF WIKI:


I am interpreting the statement in the wiki :

Shippers who are not FFLs are not affected.

However, it is a business decision by any FFL to receive or decline to receive a shipment from a non-FFL shipper.

So does this mean that the private party can ship directly to my FFL without going through the CFLC system? I can provide him copies of my local FFL's license-typically to put one copy in the box and keep one handy when he shows up at the local fedex coutner to ship the rifle.

Have I interpreted this correctly, or does he have to use an FFL on his end?

thanks in advance!