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12-20-2012, 9:12 AM
Hi All,

The Members are reminded that nominations will be accepted for the BoD of SMGC via electronic means, any Member, Associate or Regular, in good standing is eligible for nomination. You are also reminded that this is a mode for any Associate Member to become a Regular Member; as would the acceptance of a position as Club Officer, RSO or EMT/RN/DR ect.

We are also in need of a Long Range Director to keep that program open through 2013, as Andre will be leaving us soon. For those interested parties please respond asap.

Thank you all for your support and Merry Christmas to all,


01-23-2013, 8:49 AM
Good Morning All,

I have several items for the Members at large and for the participants this weekend in particular. As you all know by now there is a growing chance of rain for this weekend, but we intend to carry on. Harry and I are tracking the weather and it does seem to be solid at this point for being light and patchy rain with no wind. We intend to mitigate this by asking folks with Easy Ups/Awnings to please throw one in your vehicle and we'll set them up on the firing lines.

The COF this Saturday will also be modified to include unlimited sighters and 30 minutes for each stage of fire as we will be hosting the Marines getting ready for WDM and wish to give them maximum zero and practice time.

This Saturday will be the Election of the BoDs for the Club; there will be a State of the Club address, Financial statement by the Treasurer Mr. Kokoska and we will be serving Hot Dogs; for those of you who wish to, you may bring whatever you'd like to grill as a new and bigger grill will be provided by the Club.

Finally, the SMGC has received several emails requesting more info on, or volunteering to assist the LR Directorship that is now vacant. The BoD requests that all interested parties please attend the Election so that we may talk to you all at one time and answer the questions you may have. That will be the quickest way to ascertain the level of participation and speed the resumption of our outstanding LR Programs.

Thank you all and see you on the Range,

John Hermsen, President/CRSO