View Full Version : Value of XM177 parts kit (or trade for Kel Tec?)

08-12-2007, 4:25 PM
Hey guys....

I have a complete, used, un assembled AR-15 parts kit
(XM177 config with 5.5" fake hider perm. attached to heavy barrel on A2 upper receiver, CAR style stock, CAR style handguards, etc etc)

And I was curious what it might be worth??? It works fine but Ive been eyeing a KelTecSU16 a lot lately, so I can use my legal magazines with it, instead of a monster man or fixed mag that Im "stuck" with now...

Its everything except the actuall lower receiver, altho I do have access to an 80% receiver (unfinished) as well if someone might be interested....

Like I said Im interested in a Kel Tec since Ive heard lots of good stuff about them.

Any input appreciated. Please send info via PM as I lose threads....


08-12-2007, 5:21 PM
All depends who made it. If it's an original Armalite it would be worth substantially more than if it were a Model 1 sales or other no name brand.