View Full Version : Shipping Guns to Self in CA

12-18-2012, 10:43 PM
Hi all,

Hopefully this is in the right forum, if not, then mods please feel free to move.

I moved to California from NC a few years ago. At the time, I owned 6 long guns (3 rifles, 3 shotguns), but only had enough space in the car to transport 2 with me. I left the others there with a family member, and thought I would bring them with me next time I went back to NC. That hasn't worked out. I haven't been able to transport them myself at any point, and now I want the other 4 guns with me in California and I want to know the most legal/best/easiest/cheapest way to get those guns to me in California. None are "assault weapons", simple bolt-action target rifles and an over/under shotgun.

I won't be in NC, so even though I own the guns, it is my understanding that having family there ship them to me won't count as "shipping to myself", is that correct?

Assuming that's correct, am I correct in assuming that I have to go through an FFL here in California?

Is there any reason I should have them use an FFL in NC?

Does the waiting period apply when receiving my on guns?

I think I have it mostly worked out, that my family member can ship to an FFL here in CA. It'd be cheaper/easier to avoid the FFL if that's legal, but it's not a big deal I suppose. I guess my biggest worry is that there's something I'm missing as far as California laws/requirements, but I can't figure out any other places to even do any looking, I've gone as far as I can think to go in my research.

I know this won't get me real legal advice, but even a nod in the right direction will help.