View Full Version : Bills already written that are sitting in "cold storage" that could be released ASAP

12-17-2012, 6:20 PM
There is a link over at Huffpost of all places that has links to already written anti bills that haven't been released yet because of mood or co-sponsors or whatever. The hand wringers are saying that they should be released ASAP for immediate action against guns right now since the time is right.

Here are the 10 laws Congress could pursue immediately:
Keep Kids Safe Act of 2011
Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act
Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2011
Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011
Preventing Gun Violence Act
Stop Gun Trafficking and Strengthen Law Enforcement Act of 2011
Guns-Free National Parks Act of 2012
Straw Purchaser Penalty Enhancement Act
Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2012
Securing Citizens' Protection at Federal Events Act

Here is link to original post that also links bill tracking and details.


12-17-2012, 6:29 PM
What about the Shoulder Thing That Goes Up Act of 2010?

12-17-2012, 6:46 PM
"We lose 9,000 people a year, roughly, to gun violence in this country," Nadler said. "We're at war, and we haven't recognized that. We have to go to war against the people who enable the gun violence, the people who stop us from keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people, of felons, and that means the NRA leadership."

Wait, the liberals wanted to blame Sarah Palin for Jared Loughner's shooting spree (http://theweek.com/article/index/210903/arizona-massacre-should-sarah-palin-share-the-blame) just because she used a bullseye symbol to represent who was targeted in the upcoming elections. But this guy who is supposedly trying to stop gun violence can DECLARE WAR on a group of people and that's OK?