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12-16-2012, 12:27 PM
18 competitors participated in our last match of the year, the weather was perfect. We fired the match from the rim of our canyon, it was a great opportunity to learn about angle shooting at unknown distances ranging from about 75-750 yards, it was a technical and challenging match and I hope everyone came away with more knowledge than they started with. I'd like to thank the individuals who helped with the planning, set up and break down of this event, as well as the competitiors who supported the Tactical Challenge in 2012, next match is scheduled for March 23 2013, hope to see you there.
Gary Eliseo


Gary Fowler 5 Gold
Mark Lafevers 6 Silver*
Allen Thomas 6 Bronze*
Jeff Mendoza 7
Martin Tardif 8
Tim Dekryger 12
Tom Hokama 12
Dennis Santiago 13
Alisa 14
Al Morita 15
John Giles 16
Mark Gravitt 17
George Reinas 19
Randy Teissedre 19
Tommy Dang 24
Jim Fortner 25
Mike Leaf 27

* settled by dot duel

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