View Full Version : $32.21 for a black Ares Huskey Amentum Slider Sling (originally $45.95)

12-13-2012, 8:45 AM
$32.21 for a black Ares Huskey Amentum Slider Sling (originally $45.95)

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Deal Overview
The Huskey Amentum Slider Sling was manufactured to allow ease of use and quick adjustment to shooting positions. It carries the name and seal of approval of Marine Scout Sniper Instructor and 2009 International Sniper Competition winner Josh Huskey. Two point methodology allows quick target acquisition and steady shooting at ranges that other slings do not allow. The Amentum Slider allows for smooth, easy adjustment between shooting positions. As with all of Ares Armor's tactical gear the Huskey Amentum Slider Sling comes with a lifetime warranty.

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