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Corbin Dallas
08-08-2007, 7:10 AM
Wow, way too close to home. This happened one block from my condo and I've never seen so many cops so fast. There must have been 20 cars or more within 3 minutes. It was like the entire western division decended on the scene.

Sorry the officer got shot, glad the suspect is dead. One less to worry about.

Here's to wishing the officer a speedy recovery!

SAN DIEGO - Law officers shot and killed a man believed to have wounded a San Diego police detective in a brief gunbattle at an apartment complex in Linda Vista last night.

Authorities said two plainclothes police detectives and state parole officers were there looking for a man suspected in an attempted murder Saturday in Otay Mesa.

The man reportedly came out of a unit at Casa Linda Apartments with a handgun and confronted patrol officers on the street, on Linda Vista Road south of Glidden Street.

Police Capt. Mary Cornicelli said she wasn't sure if the man fired at those officers before retreating to a breezeway between units.

There, Cornicelli said, gunfire was exchanged between the man and the detectives. Officers radioed for emergency backup about 6:45 p.m., saying shots had been fired.

Officers from around the city sped to the scene, quickly cordoned off roads and called for two ambulances.

Paramedics declared the man dead at 7 p.m. as he lay on the breezeway sidewalk. His name was not released.

A detective, whose name also was not released, was taken to a hospital.
Police Chief William Lansdowne, who had been attending a community anti-crime event in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, went to the shooting scene, then to the hospital. He said the detective suffered a serious wound, but was stable and in good condition.

Residents around the complex said they heard two to four gunshots. One man said he saw plainclothes officers pull up behind a sedan and follow a man from the car into the complex. Then he heard shots and saw some officers run out.

A woman said her husband saw officers arrive in a blue pickup and a bronze sedan and park crookedly across the sidewalk. They got out and followed a man into the complex.

Cornicelli said detectives had received a tip earlier in the day that the man suspected of shooting another man in the head in an Otay Mesa parking lot Saturday night could be found at the apartment complex.

Fugitive warrants also had been issued for the man, for alleged domestic violence and drugs, Cornicelli said. When the detectives arrived at the apartments, they radioed for patrol officers to assist.

The officers who were involved in the shooting but not injured were taken to a police substation. Officers who shoot someone are routinely placed on paid leave until they are cleared to return to duty.

San Diego police have shot and killed three other people this year.

On July 24, a man was shot as he came at an officer with a knife at Mission Bay Park. He was suspected of having sexually assaulted one of two women walking together on East Mission Bay Drive.

On April 18, two officers fatally shot Maurice Antoine White, 30, a motorist in North Park who allegedly pointed a handgun at one of the officers. Police had stopped him as a suspect connected to a man who had just robbed the F Street Adult Video store on University Avenue.

On Feb. 10, Noe Rojas, age 17 or 18, of Mexico was shot after he backed an SUV into a patrol car during a traffic stop in Emerald Hills. He allegedly then drove toward the officers. He had a toy gun in his SUV.

Link to story (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20070808-9999-1m8shoot.html)

08-08-2007, 8:18 AM
It seems like a lot of bad stuff has been going on in San Diego of late.. a lot of robberies and shootings and such. Muggers killed someone in front of my place here in Normal Heights just a couple weeks ago.. At least the cops got the bad guy near your house.. the murderer here got away :(