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08-07-2007, 8:38 PM
Ive said many times that I work for a gunshop and never had tried to get sales coming in. At work we put together some packages that I know Calgunners would be into and was also encouraged to post on here in spite the negativity we recieve from here on a regular basis. I want to tell you all that despite all this I encourage you all to come visit my store. We are constantly making changes and always have had great customer service. Also, despite arguments and debates I have had with many of you in the past I also ask that we leave that here at the forums when you come visit me so that we can treat each other with the up-most respect.

The first couple packages we put together sold very fast within a few days. HS precision SRT with harris bi-pod and US optics 6-24 and badger ord rings. The other was an XB-40 with harris and badger rings as well as a US optics fixed ten. That went before we set it on the shelf. Here are ones we have left. I apologies for the bad pictures but my digital camera really sucks.

This first one is an M1a standard with a JAE-100 m14 stock. Scope sold to customer wanting it on another rifle package. Will update soon.


Secondly I have a Remington 700VSF in .308 . It has on it an Accuracy International stage II stock, Swarosvski PH6-24X50 TDS-4 scope, Warne sincle piece base, warne 30mm rings and a rock mount bi-pod. The Retail on all this is $4,097.94. We are letting this go for $3,417.99. Wish I could afford this one folks or it would already be mine. SOLD



The final one is just a fun little gun we put together. I dont have the full retail on me right now (im putting this on at the home) but its an 870 Remington with a Knoxx Breachers Grip, Advanced technologies heat sheild and a Surefire weapons light with the rocker panel and momentary. I think the retail was around $730. You can have it for $650.00 plus tax and dros.



So come on down. This is at my store in specific and not available for transfer to another store in the chain. Go ahead and ask for me also.

Turners Outdoorsman Riverside
10246 Indiana Ave
Riverside, 92503

08-07-2007, 10:15 PM
i really like your packages.
and quite a fair price on the remington.
same gun used will still cost about 600.

i just cant afford any of those rifles =(

08-07-2007, 10:44 PM
Thats alright. You are still more than welcomed to come visit us even if you would like to just take a look around. We also have a layaway plan of 25% of the out the door cost as a down payment and give sixty days to pay it off. We also recently have financing available. I believe the details are on www.turners.com

08-16-2007, 1:27 AM
700 sold. Will have new packages here as soon as I can get my digital camera to work right.
I also highly recommend you come in and take a look at our new Styr HS460 with bipod. We might do a package on that one. No pressure to buy but its always fun to handle a rifle that heavy even if its just to look :p