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American Ammo
12-09-2012, 8:00 PM
Hey my fellow gun lovers if any one is instrested in federal ammo .223 55 grain or .308 we are starting up a company for cheap prices on ammo $380 per thousand for 223 and $850 per thousand for the .308 we have thousands of rounds each and wont last long so get on it while you can.. If you located in san diego you can save from shipping you can email me at AmericanAmmo@gmail.com and we are working on our sit AmericanAmmo.net should be up and running in a month we will have everything from ammo to knives hunting gear,cross bows ect thousands and thousands of products.. If i can answer any questions just shoot me a message or email...

Thanks for your busniess Ken with American Ammo

Welcome aboard. In order to advertise here, you'll need to become a Calguns vendor. Please reach out to bigcalidave to set up your vendor account. Thanks, and good luck with your business!