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12-03-2012, 5:18 PM
Contact by rangers in Eldorado NF is pretty much guaranteed on a weekends in the popular shooting areas. While they are cordial, here's a couple of contacts. I guess what I'm looking for is the best (better) way to handle them.

1. Buddy and I are shooting both handguns and AR's. My handguns are stowed but my AR is propped on a closed ammo can in plain sight, unloaded, magazine out, bolt locked back. Buddy's AR is on a rest, pointed down range, loaded, safety on. Contact is made, quick chit chat, what are you shooting at? (no trees), no tannerite? then it comes around to what are you shooting. "Can I check your rifles?" I replied "No, I do not consent to a search", he then states that because it's in plain view he can check it for his safety. Which, from where we were standing ~5ft away from my rifle, buddy's rifle was ~8ft., you could see mine was made safe. He proceeds to walk over, squat down and check my bullet button to "ensure it not a fake." He then walks over to the other rifle and checks it's BB. Basically the contact is over and he proceeds to the next group.

2. Same area, different ranger, week later. Not even set up yet, rifle out of vehicle, still cased (AR style case). Wants to look at the rifle. Now this was my buddy, I wasn't there, he's so beat down by this drill he just acquiesced.

#2 I think is easier to refuse the search as the rifle is cased but NF Rangers enforcing BB is pretty much crap. I can see binary targets due to the fire hazard but bullet buttons... C'mon man! He wasn't even interested in magazines. This was strictly a contact to check bullet buttons, had there been no rifles I am confident the contact would have ended w/o any check.

I do know that I have to become more confident in my knowledge of searches and their limits and firm in my "No". How hard could I have pushed the "No".


12-03-2012, 5:24 PM
Sounds to me you did the best as can be expected under the circumstances in #1. #2, if he is just going to give in then I don't know what else to say.

Whenever I have been contacted by NF rangers though they didn't care about BB's, and instead just make fun of any Tapco parts and ran a rifle's s/n they claimed appeared to look like one that was recently stolen in the area (which I doubt, but I don't know how to refuse that one).